Indigo Mango EP (Limited edition) Fall Out SIGNED + Totebag + Live song @ your door

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Limited Edition Classic Black 12" Vinyl in Sleeve.

 + Totebag 

 + Live song preformed by the band at your front door


Indigo Mango presents their latest EP "Fall out".

"Sexy and danceable, perfect for a rollerblade party". Let's meet Indigo Mango's new EP 'Fall Out'. The EP is an infectious funk pop record that makes every homeworker long for the dance floor. Influenced by Jungle and Franc Moody, the tight drumbeat combined with the deep baritone lead vocals, along with the signature synths, give Indigo Mango its own unique identity.

1. Dominos
2. Poisonous Lady
3. Fall Out
4. Don't Count On It